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TKB Hanna & Associates Ltd. provides services to liberate and meld the full array of your team's strengths... 

Strategy Development

When the stakes are high and critical
choices must be made, boards and teams get extra traction with well planned and facilitated strategy discussions. Great design carves out an efficient, energizing path to progress. Skilled facilitation frees leaders to focus. If the situation is complex and messy, we are interested.

"TKB Hanna brings a different style of energy to your company meeting. Karen can read an audience very quickly and adjust her approach and the meeting agenda to maximize the effectiveness of the team session."

Team and Board Effectiveness

Even when a team or board is loaded with talent, it can be challenging to harness the group's full capacity. Kolbe Leadership Analytics uses advanced algorithms and diagnostic instruments to cut through to practical prescriptions that unleash the team's strengths. Kolbe work is validating for individuals and has a lasting impact on team effectiveness.

Our team members are also certified on the Myers Briggs; Discovery Learning Inc.products including the Change Style Indicator, Decision Style Profile, Influence Style Indicator; Denison Leadership Development Survey and Denison Organizational Culture Survey; and 16 other instruments.

Business Simulations

If the team needs a kick start to go after challenging goals, break down barriers, integrate new members, or get a culture shift a business simulation. Data based, well researched simulations can be a stand-alone session or one element of a multi-day offsite. Client preparation is minimal and the impact of these active learning events is significant. We are certified on Paper Planes Inc.and PressTime simulations.

Action Learning

Have complex challenges and no time to develop colleagues? Address both at once with action learning. We put an unusual mix of your talent to work resolving tough issues and driving implementation, learning as they go. The organization gets both bottom line results and colleagues with enhanced skills and perspective.

Leadership Development Events

Line up the interests and ambitions of key individuals with the priorities of the organization at a forum designed for your business. You will expedite progress towards goals while enhancing loyalty, collegiality and each participant's sense of being valued by the organization.


Advisor On Call

Get the executive-level business and human resource strategy counsel your organization requires, just when you need it. By retainer or project.

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