Executive Coaching 

For exceptional leaders who insist there is more...

"Executives and emerging talent report that coaching with Karen increased clarity, confidence, energy and momentum."  

Karen Hanna, President of TKB Hanna & Associates Ltd., is:                            

"informed & insightful"

"innovative & practical"

"direct & thoughtful"

Karen's towering strengths are: 

Cutting through complex situations...

"Karen can see quickly and clearly through any situation and get you unstuck."

Shifting perspectives...

"You see possibilities that eluded you previously."

Weaving business and personal success...

"Her impact to my professional and personal life has been profound."

Unique customized approach...

"She zooms in on the intersection of business strategy and your leadership".

Karen's unique, customized and proven approach:

The framework...

  • goals identified and success measures agreed on
  • feedback from key stakeholders gathered 
  • assessments completed and existing data integrated
  • conversations take place in person, by phone, or video conference
  • emerging issues and opportunities are discussed by phone and email between sessions
  • triad coaching with direct reports
  • one-on-one planning & insight retreats

The focus...

  • building businesses, sales & results
  • fast track leadership development
  • leading change and large teams
  • enhancing board effectiveness
  • leveraging the team around the leader using triad coaching
  • deriving insight from leadership instruments, 360 feedback and psychological assessments
  • fueling success and experiencing increased wellbeing and productivity
  • scoping and managing careers at key transitions

The outcomes...

You will:

  • tackle long-term goals and current priorities
  • find practical solutions for immediate relief on current issues
  • cut through complexity and experience measurable progress against strategic goals
  • learn specific techniques to increase professional and personal leverage with less effort
  • have a fresh perspective on business potential and people

"It's a thinking oasis"

© TKB Hanna & Associates Ltd.
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